Bare Bones Skincare Routine – Did I Like It?

Some time last year I decided to strip my skincare routine to the very basics of washing, toning, moisturising, and occasional peeling and masking. It was not so much out of boredom/ for fun, as it was because I didn’t have the money to spend on anything extra. One could argue that skincare is not a necessity at all, aside from basic hygiene and sun protection. One would be right, but one would also be wrong.

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Spring Haul

One fine Easter Sunday I woke up and realised that I had no appropriate seasonal footwear. Like, at all. This wasn’t the case of ‘omg have nothing to wear’, this was a legitimate ‘only got a pair of sneakers with a hole in them’ situation. So I donned said sneakers and ventured out to the sanctum sanctorum of the local teenagers – Shopping Malldova, colloquially known as The Mall.

I would’ve gone elsewhere, but like I said – it was Easter Sunday. Everything was closed.

As you can see I made four purchases overall.

Both t-shirts come from DeFacto. They’ve recently opened up shop here in Moldova – recent enough for their entrance to still be decorated with balloons, so we’re talking weeks. The shirt with the brighter stripes is long sleeve and has really cute lace (as in cord, not fabric) detailing on the shoulders. The shirt with the paler stripes is short sleeve and is much thinner than the other one. I hesitated buying it at first, but really liked the length of the sleeves. Plus I could really do with a ‘fancier’ t-shirt for summer.

The black pair of sneakers comes from DeFacto as well. This was more of an impulse purchase, and one that I only slightly regret. I didn’t have basic black sneakers, but I suppose for summer I should’ve waited until I found a suitable white pair instead. They will get its fair share of wear, though. Not worried about that.

And now for the star of the show, the orange slip-ons. The colour put me off at first, but the more I looked at them, the more I liked them. I honestly can’t believe I almost left the shop without them. I bought them at BEST, and they were on an impressive sale.

And since I had already had these items for a month, I can tell you how they wear.

The DeFacto t-shirts wear poorly – especially the lighter one. Both already have an impressive amount of pills on them, even though I’ve only washed them once and worn twice. The DeFacto sneakers feel a bit hard on my feet. The sizing is also a problem, but I think it’s my personal problem – I’m between two sizes, and affordable brands rarely bother to make halves. Had I bought these a size smaller, I wouldn’t be able to wear them. Buying them a size bigger means that they slip around on the foot a little, and since the material they’re from is not soft at all, they tend to blister. I’ve broken them in a little and they don’t feel as wooden, but like I said, the material is not exactly pliable, so I don’t think I’ll be getting much further in that department.

The orange slip-ons, though, wear wonderfully. The sole is foam and is a little hard to clean, and there’s quite a lot of colour transfer on my socks, but other than that I’m impressed. I hope I’ll be able to wear them beyond this season!

Have you bought anything new recently?

Six Good Things Sunday, 22.04.18

A Breakfast Kinda Day

Today I’ve eaten breakfast food for every meal of the day. I’ve had banana pancakes, a banana and chia pudding smoothie, peanut butter on wholegrain bread, and fried eggs with spinach and tomatoes. Mmm. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (rivalled only by lunch time sandwiches), so I’m thinking of doing this more often. Maybe every other Sunday or so.

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What I’ve Read – January-March 2018

How’s your bookish year going? Mine isn’t half bad. I’ve read a variety of genres, and a decent mix of ebooks and paper books. Shall we dig in?

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I started the year by finishing Galbraith’s Career of Evil. Good mystery, more backstory, awesome thriller points – the third in the Strike series comes highly recommended from me. Cuckoo’s Calling was rather twee, Silkworm was full of grotesque. Both enjoyable (especially Silkworm – I continue to be amazed by J.K. Rowling, it takes balls and talent to write that shit), but Career of Evil is the best one so far.

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My First Easter Service

For a self-professed (and, well, baptised) Orthodox Christian, I really haven’t been an active participant in church life. This Easter I had my first full service. I came a little late, after The Holy Fire had arrived and was shared amongst the believers. Stayed until the very end, though admittedly I wanted to go home somewhere close to 3 a.m., because my very comfortable yet still heeled boots were causing me pain.


This picture, taken in the low light of the church, may fool you into thinking that it’s got four lampada candles in it. In reality it’s just one. It’s standing in the corner and reflecting off of the church’s walls.

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