Links for the weekend, two

kate moss rimmel

Hello, hello! The most boring day on the internet strikes again.

Instagram Shadowbanning 411

Actually, just Sharmtoaster blog in full. It’s a recent addition to my feed, and I really like it.

How to wear yellow eyeshadow.

One skirt, three ways.

My decision to ban (or, let’s face it: dramatically cut) beauty purchases led to my exploring the panning community a bit deeper. So far, the channel that stood out for me the most was PrettyPistol86.

The High Street Spring Lipstick Collection.

Some new additions to my Instagram feed: emiremarque (love the books paired with the girly aesthetic); te_bessum (knitting and books); ekinik (also take a look at the site); addymanbooks (books and breakfasts of a bookseller that is far, far away from me); photographycuba (my long standing dream is to travel there). Last but not least: after much persuasion, my friend finally started a bookstagram. Follow her here!

Links for the weekend, one.

Welcome! to another installment of Things I Found on the Internet.

The Instagram account of melani_koni. If you like books, flowers, cats, and mugs of hot drinks, then you’re bound to love the aesthetic. The words are in Turkish, and while I’m sure it would add to the picture had I spoken the language, the lack of my understanding certainly doesn’t take anything away.

These Korean nail trends are going to be huge in 2017, according to Byrdie UK.

What else? This is the reason my link list will never be weekly. I came to this many years ago, back when my blog was still called ‘something neutral’, but Alexandra Franzen puts it into words that make sense.

On the difference between professionals and amateurs and on the power of average speed.

The article is called Surprising Stats, but I’d call them scary. All the time and money we waste, because we couldn’t just put our bills and keys in one place.

Midnight Modern.

On Politics, Silence & Speaking Your Mind.

Find what you love, and let it kill you.

10 signs you were once obsessed with LiveJournal. Y so true tho.

Period Poverty. Just read it.

Ask ITG about pore reduction, and while you’re there: read about hang-over face fixes as well. Both quite relevant, if I do say so myself.

Every exfoliant worth its weight in outlawed microbeads promises to “reduce the appearance of pore size,” but that doesn’t make sense. Imagine hiring an assassin to murder your ex Greg, but instead, all the assassin can do is “reduce the appearance of Greg” in your life.

Links for the weekend, zero.

Happy Saturday. One of the two most boring days on the internet. Here are some links and things that piqued my interest.

The warm glow

You don’t have to be one-dimensional to be successful.

Beautiful photographs of Moscow under the clouds. The news site is in Russian, but you don’t need the language.

How cute is this fox video?!

Goodbye, Kind Friend is one of the best pieces I’ve read in a really long while. Teared up like a child. I’ve lost two of my furry friends last year, so it hit close to home.

Flickr has been increasingly hard to use so I’ve not been doing much there. But I’ve recently discovered the photography of Andrew Murr. Have looked through his photostream until it’s all turned into a blur. A very lovely blur.

The simple truth behind reading 200 books a year.

Links #4.

tilbury rebel

Eight beauty resolutions you should keep forever.

How do you combat someone gaslighting you?

OK, this is a genius idea: Send your enemies glitter. I’ve got a, uhh, a list.

Ten rudest places in the UK.

Today is not over yet.

13 ways to style a vintage t-shirt.

How to juggle a blog and a full-time job.

Just added a couple to my ‘to-try’ list: 12 felt-tip eyeliners from $3 to $35.

Here’s how to shoot with a Canon DSRL remotely using your computer.

A bunch of foods that are healthy yet won’t kill the budget.

31 undeveloped film rolls from WWII discovered.

Links #3.

elizabeth james fall 2015

Busy (ugh) week, little internet time. Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Hayley of LBQ wrote about buying fake followers. It’s a long post worth reading, but the bottom line is, don’t do it.

Why some people get promoted (and others don’t).

5 beauty risks to take this year.

How often should you wash your bra?

While the healthy colour of a healthy tooth enamel is actually a little on the yellow side, it still doesn’t hurt to whiten them from time to time. Here are 7 foods that aid the teeth whitening process, naturally.

16 quotes to make you feel amazing.

20 best beauty hacks you’ll ever need. I’ve been employing some of these for a while, but others are a complete surprise. Can’t want to try them!

Do you believe in magic? Even if you don’t, New Moon is a Serious Thing. Every time a new moon rolls around, I take time to sit down and set intentions for the month, along with some more practical planning. It helps. It really does.