In 2016, I Resolve to…


My resolution for the past couple of years was not to have any. This year I decided to change that.

1. Leave voicemails

I read an article some time ago, about readers being the best people to fall in love with. (Aw.) Here’s a quote:

Readers, like voicemail leavers and card writers, are now a dying breed, their numbers decreasing with every GIF list and online tabloid.

The moment I read it, I realised how true it was. It made me a bit sad. I resolved to leave a voicemail every time I’m taken to one, even though the practise sounds terrifying. I’m bad with phones, and voicemail is even worse, because your mumbling will be recorded. Preserved for eternity.

Anyway, I’ve already started this one, so I hope to continue.

2. Sort Photoalbums

Doubtful I’d be printing out many photos – if any at all – but I want to organise the photos I already have into neat albums. There’s plenty. Some of them are rather recent, others are decades old. Either way, I want them all to be in one place, easy to look through.

3. Remember Simple Enjoyments

I want to go back to roots, so to say, in terms of things that bring me pleasure. I’ve never been a complicated person in that department anyway. In 2015 I barely did things that I enjoy doing, like watching movies, blogging, reading, playing with makeup, and taking photos. I need to find time for that in 2016.

Bye October, Hello November – a Beta Run of the A&W Newsletter.

(This post was intended as the first ever A&W newsletter. As my time management skills would have it, though, the content was written, but the subscription box was never set up. So no one would have received it. Not that it’s a masterpiece, but it made sad. So there you go, zero issue of the A&W newsletter, in a blog post form.)

Here’s an Idea

This November I’ll be doing a ‘phone as a phone’ challenge (which probably needs a catchier name…). The idea is to use my phone as, well, a phone and nothing more. I will have predefined sessions for Instagram, Twitter, and some apps that I use for tracking various parts of my existence, but throughout the day I will only use my phone as a phone. No other apps. An exception would be Viber communication with my brother, who lives a thousand miles away. No mindless browsing, idle texting, silly searches or endless Pinterest sessions.

I’ll share my results and thoughts on the challenge in the next month’s newsletter. Anyone wants to join me?

Lovely Links & Things

The Nostalgia Machine

8 Books to Read Before You See the Movies This Fall

Nudes Are Old News at Playboy

Media & Social

martian people shop

This month I’ve been slack with my reading. The only thing I finished was The Martian, and that was on audio. Other than that I’ve been wrestling with Dickens’s The Old Curiosity Shop (free on Gutenberg) and Pavlina’s Personal Development for Smart People. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend either of these three at the moment.

Next month I plan on reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (finally), The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and All the Light We Cannot See.

alice monk light

You can follow my literary adventures (*eyeroll*) on Goodreads.

In telly news, I resumed watching Castle and Bones (both kinda lacklustre, but still keep the momentum going) and gave Friends a go for the first time. Stuck at the end of the second season, and not exactly sure I want to go on.

I started a #100happydays challenge on Twitter! Every day (well… kinda) for 100 days I’m posting a picture of something that made me happy. It’s been insightful, but not in terms of happiness. I’ll share my thoughts at the end, which will be in January.

This Month’s Top Posts

According to Google Analytics, these are the posts you folks loved most this month. Interesting, heh. Should I bring the Incoming! feature back, then? I started it and then immediately killed it, but perhaps I was wrong. Let me know what you think!

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Lip Monthly April

You May Have Missed

This month I started The Purge. I have a lot of space, which should really be a bragging matter, but for me it’s mostly an embarrassment, because about 85% of it are cluttered up the wazoo. I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a minimalist, but I’m certainly not a hoarder. The flat paints another picture, unfortunately. I’ve been getting rid of things like crazy, and documenting parts of it here on the blog.

I’m also on a mission to catch up with Lip Monthly posts. June is scheduled to go up on Monday. Stay tuned!

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit patriotic, which is unusual for me. I want to start sharing more posts about the country that I live in. I’m already doing this in the Weekend Exploration series, but perhaps there’s something else you’d like to see and learn about Moldova besides my weekend trips? Let me know in the comments.


In November I’ll be writing about my top autumn lipstick picks, Orhei adventures, a mini Inglot haul, and some skincare items. There’s also a post about a cheap but lovely scent I’ve been wearing a lot recently.

november editorial

I’ve been working on expanding my blogging schedule and switching from posting every other day to posting two days in a row with a one day break between these short streaks. However I have once again overfilled my schedule with other things, so we’ll see if I manage to pick up a solid every other day editorial calendar. Looks good so far, but it’s all drafts.

If you enjoyed this pseudo-newsletter, please feel free to subscribe below. I’ll be sending the November one next month, and it will no longer appear on the blog. This was a haphazard beta version, and the future ones will have more content.


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Welcome to the Purge.

I swear I named the damn thing before I read about the film. Made sure to forward the title to my brother after that, he’s into that kind of thing.

On screen.

My version here’s a bit more peaceful. I’m just going to be doing a massive clear-out of my earthly possessions.

I live in a big flat that has once been very beautiful. It’s a lot for one person to upkeep, so the beauty part has subsided some time ago. The organisation and clean part stayed with me until about last year, though. Ever since then it all went downhill.

I’m a neat freak, and I strive in clean organised spaces. Haven’t had one in a while, and finally I realised why — I’ve just been moving piles of clutter from one place to another. Clutter cannot really be cleaned, or kept neat. It has to go.

Originally I thought of maybe having a bit of a sale of the stuff on some local version of craigslist, but the further it goes, the more overwhelmed I become. So no selling. Just donating, passing it on to anyone who needs anything, and taking it to the trash.

Technically I already started doing this when my brother was home. Then I took a long break, and I swear the stuff just multiplies on its own volition. It’s like we haven’t done one bit.

I tried coming up with a couple of categories for things. It didn’t really work (you can’t categorise clutter either), but here we go:

  • Beauty – make-up, nail polish, skin care, hair care;
  • Wardrobe – clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • Paper – notebooks, old bills, postcards, magazines, books (sob);
  • Kitchen – appliances, cutlery, foods, jars;
  • Homeware – general appliances (like TVs), furniture, carpets, bed linen, towels;
  • Miscellaneous – knick-knacks, memorabilia, everything else.

Books is probably going to be the hardest. I’m already crying on the inside.

On Slowing Down.

tea and lokum


Much as I’d love this to be a post on mindfulness and patience, it isn’t. I’m Type A. I do everything very fast and whilst doing it I’m very precise. There are, however, some things that I want to start doing slower.

1. Drinking and eating. I will let my tea cool down on its own instead of sticking it into the fridge or throwing an ice cube in. I will take two long breaks at work, instead four short, so that I could eat my food properly and then go for a walk round the block.

2. Reading. I will not read diagonally. I will not start books back to back, ideally taking a 24 hour break between them.

3. Feeding cats. Morning feed might still be rushed, but the evening one will be slow.

4. Commute. I will leave 5 minutes early so that I wouldn’t feel the need to rush to the station. I don’t need to rush to the station even if I don’t change the time, but just to feel on the safe side. I might also start walking home if the weather permits.

5. Talking to friends and family. I will talk to them, and do nothing else.

6. Separating enjoyments. None of the eating and reading or eating and watching a film type of stuff. It’s one or the other.

7. Dressing and putting on make-up. I want to take time each week picking out a wardrobe, and spend a little more time paintin’ my face.