Bookish Goals for 2018 – sorta half through the year update.

Another book post, eh? Well it’s either that, or an essay about menstrual pads. Count your blessings.

We’ve only got about 4 months left of 2018, so it’s about time I checked in with my reading goals etc., etc. Where am I with my reading challenge? Have I checked off any points in my tentative goal list mentioned in the (waaayy) earlier post? Did I decide to add any other guidelines to that list? Am I building enough anticipation to compel you to click on the ‘more’ tag and read the post?

Probably not, but here we go.

As far as quantity goes, I’ve read 17 books so far. Goodreads informs me that I’m on track with my challenge, but I’d really rather be ahead a little bit.

And here’s how I’m doing with my list of ‘goals’:

  • reading a Russian classic – I’m still ploughing through Dostoevsky’s Demons. Our book club has disintegrated, so that left me without a time limit.
  • finish a book or two from the list of my ‘currently reading’ shelf – hmm, this one is a fail so far. I did move one of the books to the ‘dnf’ shelf, though.
  • Instagram every read – as I write this, I’m scrolling through my Instagram and referencing my ‘read’ shelf on Goodreads. I appear to have instagrammed every read but three e-books. One of them was porn unconventional romance, another one a selection of humorous essays about the British Isles, and yet another one I don’t even consider finished yet, so yeah. Doing pretty fine here.
  • write a bi-monthly or quarterly book post here – this one seems to be working! I wrote about books several times this year, and I’m on track with my notes.

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Other than that, I’m at a reading crossroads of sorts. I want to continue with Casual Vacancy and Dolores Claiborne. Both books are great, and I wish stopped stalling. They’re so heart-wrenching, though, and all I feel like reading this year is either some light mystery/ detective fiction or humour. So I don’t know what to do. Give myself some leeway in September and focus on classic mysteries and good ole British humour – or really focus on the books I’ve already started? Sigh.

I guess since Lethal White comes out 18 September – merciful Lord has finally answered our prayers – I am going to focus on lighter fiction throughout the month. Some Simenon, a bit of Wodehouse, maybe a Christie novel.


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