Manicure Monday: Oriflame, Golden Rose, BellaOggi, Bourjois


Oriflame The One Nail Polish in Gold Splendor 31195

I mentioned this on the blog before, but mistakenly named it ‘Gold Splash’ there. It was part of a limited edition winter collection of the year 2014/15. As all Oriflame The One nail polishes, it comes with a wide flat brush. Relatively easy to apply, likes to mess up the edges just a bit. Spreads evenly, is moderately shiny. Two layers are completely opaque. This is definitely a gold nail polish, but it’s not an ‘in yer face’ gaudy gold. It’s more of a non-refined metal kind of stuff.


Golden Rose Rich Color in 05

Easily one of my favourites. I’ve extolled the virtues of Golden Rose polishes before, and this is one of the prime examples of their Rich Color line. Easy to wear shade that is suitable for any occasion. Shouldn’t be difficult to wear against any skin tone. It’s one of my go-to polishes when I can’t decide what to put on my nails.


BellaOggi Gel Effect Keratin in Ladylike 43

A relatively new introduction to my collection. I’ve seen a post about it on a Russian ‘review anything’ site, fell in love with the colour, pinned it *, and hunted it down in local shops. The photo doesn’t translate it that well, but it’s actually a very decent marsala polish. It has a very muted and, dare I say, sophisticated look. Its name, Ladylike, is very fitting. This BellaOggi nail polish also immediately evokes images of cosy sweaters and warm cuppas in my mind.

The application was good. It spreads evenly and doesn’t try too hard to run off the edges. The brush is good. It dried pretty fast. My only gripe was it started bubbling on the second coat, which was a surprise. I only had one polish do that on me before. I don’t know if it was a one time occasion (temperature in the kitchen or any other factor) or if it’s a ‘feature’ of the formula. I’ll report back when I use it again.

* By the way, follow me on Pinterest! I regularly pin my wishlist items there.


Bourjois So Laque! in Rouge Diva 11

Expect a full report on this in my upcoming ‘Outgoing’ post. Spoiler alert: Not my favourite. The gloss looks good and the colour is a nice blue-toned deep red, but seriously. I can find it within a million other nail polish brands out there. I didn’t bother with clean-up for this photo, because the polish was literally applied so I could just quickly snap it to give you an idea on how it looks on the nails before I say goodbye to it. It will go to a new home, to an owner that has more patience.

Lip Combo: Pink

Despite Kylie Jenner’s lip kits getting mixed reviews here and there, they’re still one of the most coveted beauty products around. Admit it, they’re on your wish list too. I know they’re on mine.

However, lip kits – or lip combos – are not a revolutionary idea. I’ve been coming up with mine (quite probably inspired by the others) for years now. Below is my go-to pink.


Products, top to bottom:

  • Bourjois Levres Contour in Flamboise Exquise
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 11 So Hap’pink
  • Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lip Gloss in Pink Boost 30643

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets are easily one of my most favourite lip products out there. True, there are formulas that are more matte, more pigmented, longer lasting, just more – but there’s something about the Bourjois offering that draws me back to them every time. They are very easy to wear, completely non-drying, and feel very natural on the lips. The finish is matte but not powdery matte that makes every line on your lips stand out. It’s also very easy to apply, and is scentless. Always a big plus in my book.

Although you don’t need a pencil when using Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets, I love lining and filling my lips with a pencil first and then filling them out with the colour. I find that it does prolong the wear of the lipstick and makes reapplication that much easier. Although Rouge Edition Velvets do not bleed outside the lines and absolutely do not feather, it’s easier to slip a bit outside the line on the reapplication if you don’t go in with the pencil first. Bourjois Levres Contour in Flamboise Exquise is a nearly perfect match for Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in So Hap’pink. I bought them together, and have been using together ever since.

Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lip Gloss in Pink Boost was on my wishlist for a while until I finally bought it. I try to limit the amount of glosses I own at any particular time, because they tend to go bad five times as quickly as lipsticks do. I wear it both on its own, over the pencil, or over slightly worn lipstick when I just can’t be arsed with fixing it properly or I know it’s going to get ruined in the next hour anyway. Applying it over freshly applied lipstick tends to look cakey.


Left to right: Pencil, lipstick, gloss.

What’s your favourite lip product combination?

AVON Body Lotions and Oils


AVON Care Rich Moisture Body Lotion

The best part about this product is completely auxiliary – it left my room smelling amazing after I would apply it, and it would leave it that way for a long time. I swear it does not last on the body as long as it lasts in the room. I would apply it, I would sleep, I would go to work, and I would come back home to a deliciously scented boudoir, for fuck’s sake. For that point: Bravo, Avon.

Everything else: a rather thin lotion (I like them that way), applies easily, absorbs quickly – but unfortunately does not moisturise enough. I would need to apply it every 12-16 hours to feel fully comfortable.


AVON Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold

A typical Skin So Soft scent. Kind of a whipped texture, with shimmering particles in it. Not a lot in terms of skincare properties – left a filmy residue on the skin, but wasn’t sticky and felt okay. I got this as a gift, and unfortunately the tube was rather old, and started separating and smelling rancid after about 3 uses. As you can see in the photo, it is almost full.


AVON Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring Satin Sheer Dual Oil Spray

For a product that calls itself an oil, this has no nurturing properties at all. It goes on easily and absorbs relatively quickly, and my legs would look almost plastic after using it (which I absolutely do not mind), but it is all on the surface, and it did nothing to the quality of the skin in the long run.

… Plus the run itself wasn’t that long – the product lasted me maybe two weeks. Maybe.

Six Good Things Sunday #2



I started learning Spanish via Duolingo.

… OK, well, no. I started learning Spanish a long time ago using a textbook, but never got anywhere. Duo helped me pick it up again (read: start from scratch) and learn the very basics, and now I’m back to textbooks and additional reading material. I’m nowhere near as proficient as I would like to be, but I’m getting there.


Painting My Nails

I go through these phases where I don’t paint my nails at all. And let me tell you, these phases don’t make me happy. Having my nails painted is such an insignificant part of the great scheme of things, but for some reason it makes me feel like 20% better about myself.

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

I had to get back to my special diet (health stuff, no one cares, moving on), which means that nearly everything I eat needs to be cooked from scratch. That’s what I’ve been doing, and on most days I don’t even find it annoying.



Hallowe’en has come and gone, and although I have not put up much decorations at home and even skipped decorating my desk at the office entirely, I still felt the holiday spirit this year. I love Hallowe’en, and every year I promise myself to go all out with it, but then stall. Let’s see what I come up with for Christmas and New Year’s then, which I love even more than Hallowe’en.

Book of Intentions

(Oooh, aaah.)

After attending a seminar with Brian Tracy (maybe I’ll write more about it later), I felt really focussed on my goals. One of the things that has helped me keep going was my ‘book of intentions’ – which is basically a journal upon which I have bestowed such a dramatic title. I keep track of my goals there, and every night I give myself a grade on how I have performed in this or that area. It has really been helpful – and quite insightful as to where my priorities really are and how to shift them to where I want them to be.

My Library

Admittedly not much reading done this time around – I’ve been focussed on tidying and sorting the library instead. It is an unfathomably large task as there are hundreds (thousands, really) of books in the house. But I keep going. Just minutes before finishing up this post I took out about 20 books to be sent to better homes, and tidied two more shelves. Out of like a hundred, but like I said – we’ll get there.

Lip Product Empties

Let me quickly walk you through some lip products I have either finished or discarded recently.


Oriflame VeryMe Mirror Lip Gloss is a perfect cool-toned pink lip colour for me. I loved using this in combination with OFRA Cosmetics Laguna Beach, but also on its own. The scent of the product was lovely, and the application was relatively OK (it’s a squeeze tube). The formula was a bit sticky. It was fun while it lasted, but I had to let it go because it started separating and smelling funny.

A sample size of one of the Oriflame Pure Colour lipsticks. I’ve written a post about them here, if you fancy a read. This one had to go because I dropped it on the office floor. A grimy dirty dusty icky yucky office floor. *shudder shudder*

So Susan Lip Dome was a lovely crayon. Not fully opaque, but it gave my lips the nicest bordeaux tint. It also felt nice and wore very comfortably. Unfortunately, it went bad before I could use it more. I received it via a Lip Monthly subscription, and I figure it was old.

OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lip Colour in New Orleans also had to go – it was patchy and dry as all hell. And although I adored this colour, it made my lips look ridiculous, so I had to let it go.

You can read my post on OFRA Cosmetics lipsticks here.


Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm, although intended transparent, did give a bit of a pearlescent pale pink hue to the lips, so at times it made me look rather dead. It also didn’t moisturise my lips enough – matter of fact, sometimes the product felt drying. This is an old formula, and Oriflame updated it. I haven’t tried the new one.

Look DeVine Pinot Noir balm I loved. I received this one through Lip Monthly as well. It had a great scent and made my lips really moisturised, soft, and plump. I had to be careful with accidentally building up the colour with it, as a couple more strokes than necessary, and it would make me look a bit on the undead side.