Oriflame Pure Colour Lipsticks

oriflame pure colour lipstick tubes

The lipsticks come in cheap packaging – a black bullet with a transparent cap. The upside of that is you can see the colours pretty easily. The downside is, it’s quite fragile and doesn’t look the least bit impressive. Strangely, I don’t mind the look of it, but over the time the cap weakens and tends to come loose.

The scent is, I figure, generic lipstick scent. It’s not particularly offensive, but nothing to be pleased with either.

The formula of the product is medium to light coverage creme with sheen. The lightest lipsticks in the range appear on the lips more like tinted balms than anything else. Nearly all of these have some fine shimmer in them.

oriflame pure colour lipstick swatches

Swatched, one swipe, left to right: Bright Red (26271), Soft Coral (26269), and Radiant Red (21153). It applies even on the hand, but streakier on the lips.

Although Pure Colour Oriflame lipsticks are moderately creamy, they are very drying on the lips. The application tends to be streaky, the colour clings to dry patches on the lips.

The staying power of these lipsticks is weak. They wear relatively well if you don’t eat or drink anything, but they don’t wear off prettily.

They do not feather, however, and if your lips are hydrated, then the staining is minimal. (To each their own, but I dislike it when the colour stains.)

oriflame pure colour

This line of Oriflame lipsticks comes in a rather wide colour range – or should I say, tone range. The ones I have are, left to right: Bright Red (26271), Soft Coral (26269), and Radiant Red (21153).

Pure Colour lipsticks are the least expensive lipsticks in the Oriflame make-up range. When on offer in my country, they retail for as little as $1.5 US.

I would recommend this range if you are experimenting with colours. Oriflame Pure Colour lipsticks are very affordable, and even if you find the shade unsuitable, it would not break the bank.

oriflame pure colour bright red soft coral radiant red

Since taking these pictures I have passed on the reds, and only kept the Soft Coral (26269).

(I am an Oriflame consultant in my country. Products bought with my own money.)

Nail Polish: Oriflame The One in Orange Burst 31455.

oriflame orange burst

Oriflame usually does classic nail polish shades. Variations of beige, pink, red, purple, plum, and coffee brown are in abundance, but that’s about it. Their line VeryMe, aimed at youngsters, sometimes shows some variety. They also come out with limited edition lines, and this polish is from one of such collections.

I’m a sucker for cheap polishes. Besides, companies like Flormar have me totally spoilt in that regard – their polishes are very affordable, yet their quality is amazing. So when I saw these five shades, retailing for 59 MDL (~$4.5) each, I turned the catalogue page, thinking that I won’t be spending that much on a polish.

A few days later, though, I was picking up all five colours in the collection from my local delivery spot. You guys, the colours are just so good.

And never mind me, I’m a nail varnish maniac, I’ll buy almost anything. However, I was showing my newest purchase to an acquaintance who usually does practical gel manicures in classic hues. That didn’t stop her from purchasing all but one colours in the collection on the spot. I actually ended up repurchasing some of these shades for myself, because she just took all the bottles there and then (I haven’t had the chance to try all but the one above yet).

The quality of the polish is great, too. Above are two coats. They don’t streak, apply easily, and the brush is very convenient – a definite upgrade from the previous Oriflame Beauty nail polish brush.

However, this particular colour does the following:

orange burst nail polish

Nightmare material~ That’s with a basecoat. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to my nails had I decided to skip a basecoat that day.

I painted my nails using this polish more than 10 days go, and the stain didn’t fade one bit, no matter what I do to it. Which leaves me painting my nails every day, lest the good people around me decide that I had somehow contracted hepatitis.

This detail is such a shame, because the colour is gorgeous. I’m not sure if all the polishes in the line do this, or if it’s the case with this one and the pigments in it. I’m so in love with the colour that I will continue using it, but I either need some nuke-proof basecoat, or an understanding that I would need to paint my nails every day after using this one.

Spending Control.

I’ve been writing my Incoming! posts for several months, and they never get published, because shame. The exercise has not been completely futile, though, because I realised that I need to get more serious about my spending habits. They used to be quite good two years ago – probably because I didn’t have anything to spend. But with a stable salary and with a growing make-up addiction, I have considerably slipped.

After publishing this post, I spent about a month enjoying what I have, but then I got either stressed or bored (sometimes these two are the same for me, I get stressed by boredom), and spent nearly everything I saved on some beauty products and work-out gadgets. I use all of them, so it’s not a waste, but it wasn’t a need either.

A spending ban is a need, though. But calling it a ban will be silly, in my case, because I know I’ll spend. I might actually spend even more after I ban myself from it.

It’s spending control, then. I love control, it ought to move me. The nature of my posts and the frivolous subject of the vast majority of them say a different story, but I’m rather good at control in most areas of my life. As nigh anything, control is just a habit.

ramsey and tea

What I’ll be doing:

  • Reading books about money (ones that I already have – see, not a loophole to spend more) and maybe even writing about them here. I’ve already read the classic Your Money or Your Life, and am currently finishing Total Money Makeover.
  • Having No-Spend days. So far in May and June I’ve had 11. Looking decent.
  • Tracking every expense. Every expense. It’s a pain in the butt, but hey, my brother does it. I can too.
  • Having fun. Because having less fun than I already do will be no fun at all. (Eheheh, I just slay with the jokes here.)
  • Eating down the pantry. Apparently, it’s a movement.
  • Writing lists of things I want and things I need in various categories, mostly because lists are fun, and I intend to have fun (see bullet four). They will also help keep me on track – having a goal in sight is a far better stimulus than the ambiguous ‘I need to save because that’s what responsible adults do’.
  • Drawing graphs of my growing riches. Seeing the amount of money I have growing is stimulating enough on its own.
  • Writing updates on this blog every month or so. Accountability and all. Joking – holding me accountable is a useless endeavour similar to herding cats. The only reason for posts is my need to write something here more often.

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Six Good Things Sunday

We could all benefit from enjoying life more. Below is a list of this week’s good things.

1. My brother is in town!~ I haven’t seen him since around Christmas. We have a mile-long list of things we want to do, but since he’s staying for 6 days only, we might have to pick and choose.

2. I am on holiday. 17 glorious days off. So glorious, so off. I honestly don’t mind my job, and sometimes I even enjoy it, but it never hurts to take a break. Besides relaxing (read: lying arse up under the AC with a book and a bottle of beer), I want to do some reprogramming around here. My priorities have been skewed lately. I don’t like that.

shumko and dusya

3. Reconnecting with cats. Aren’t I just a good old cat lady? I’ve paid so little attention to the kitties lately, they all keep giving me the evil eye. Yesterday I spent some time brushing them and making more cat caves in hopes they will love me again.

4. Languages. I’m back on track with my studies and loving it.

milani lip colour

5. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in 04 Violet Addict. I received it in a subscription box a little under a year ago, and only got around to trying it this month. I was under the impression that it was a hot pink gloss, but no. This is a well-pigmented full coverage liquid lipstick. I’ve worn it on several evenings this week, and loved it.

6. Tea. Running out of coffee always makes me realise how much I enjoy tea.

What made your week good?

Oriflame Marbleised Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Kit.

I was putting on some quick make-up several days ago, and it occurred to me that most of my selected products were by Oriflame, and being used for the first time. So I thought, hey, why not lengthen the application time by some twenty minutes by taking photos of all the products!? Sounds like good blogger fun!!

So here it is.

giordani gold marbleised eyeshadow

Giordani Gold Venetian Affair Marbleised Eye Shadow in Starry Nights 24153

I have been meaning to try marbleised/ baked eye shadows for literally years. This particular Oriflame one has been on my mind for many months. Finally it appeared heavily discounted in a leaflet, and I totes decided to buy it.

I love the idea of purple eye shadows. Purple is one of my favourite colours, and I like to think that this shade flatters the colour of my eyes. However, depending on light and particular shade of purple, I usually end up looking very dead while wearing it. As you will see below.

This particular purple shadow has a lot of warmth to it, and much more red undertones than I had thought it would have whilst looking at it in the catalogue. But as you can see in the product photo above, it just photographs this way in the pot.

There’s rather a lot of glitter in this thing. I was expecting a bit of shimmer, but I was expecting a bit less.

The shadow comes with the default spongey applicator in tow. I know that as a beauty enthusiast I am supposed to scorn them, but to be honest I use them often enough to be happy about a free one.

The shadow is pigmented, goes on smoothly, and blends well. Compared to other Oriflame shadows, it’s one of the best.

Unfortunately, I can’t commend it for staying power. Five hours in, it creased a lot, and on the left eye it pretty much disappeared (apart from where it gathered in the crease).

oriflame brow kit

Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit

I want to write a full review of this product soon, with swatches etc., but for now let me just say: Ye dark haired folk do not be fooled by how light the darker shade is. I was like, yeeahhhh, that’s too light, lemme grab just a bit more – and bam, I had a coal-smudged brow on my face and lots of blending to do.

So far, I’m pleased. The kit comes with two small angle brushes, one with black bristles and one with white – presumably to distinguish between shade and wax one? The bristles are firm, and the tips are significantly wider than the angle brush I already have in my set. If your brows are on the thin side, you may want to use a finer tool for more precision, but I actually enjoyed using the wider one. I wish they were full size!

(All products purchased with my own money. I’m an Oriflame consultant in my country, ergo I get a distributor discount. No one is sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.)