Nail Polish: Oriflame The One in Lilac Silk 30524.

oriflame lilac silk

I am happy to report that the application and the formula have seen a considerable improvement in all The One polishes I’ve tried so far. This colour and its variations (from greyish lilac, to light lilac, to intense blue purple) has become one of my obsessions over the last year. I enjoyed staring at my nails throughout the day. It’s a very gentle shade of lilac. The title of the polish couldn’t be more apt in this case. Lilac Silk suits it through and through.

Alas, it chipped quickly. It was off my nails in under 48 hours, but I still can’t quite figure out if it’s my current base that is at fault.

Pure Colour, previous main line of Oriflame polishes, has what looks like an identical shade, titled Lavender Shimmer. I can’t quite figure out whether it has shimmer in it, but judging by the title it might. The colours are very, very similar.

Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Kit.

shu uemura depsea hydrability

Depsea Hydrability Moisture Program was a birthday gift from my cousin, all the way from Japan. We don’t get Shu Uemura where I live, and although there are a few outlets where I could buy Shu Uemura online, I’ve always been reluctant.

Depsea Hydrability Kit is a set of four travel-sized products aimed at hydrating your skin. I’ve got oily skin that somehow always manages to suffer from dehydration and flakiness, even though I’m way past using harsh cleansers and toners.

My favourite part of the kit was the serum-like product – Intense Moisturising Concentrate. It was amazing. Lightweight, absorbed really well, and provided hydration even when used with other creams (cream in the kit, Depsea Hydrability Moisturising Emulsion, was the first one to run out). The second favourite is the cream, and then goes the toner. The toner was good, but as a person with acne I constantly felt the need to add something with salicylic acid into the mix.

Now, the cleansing oil. It cleansed well, but having oily skin always leaves me wary of oil cleansers, even though I know that you should fight excess oil with – dun dun dunnn –  oil. The oil was the last one to go, but not because I’ve been avoiding using it — I’ve actually been saving it, as it was the only thing that broke down my CoverGirl Outlast Smoothwear lipsticks with little to no pain.

Overall, I was very pleased with Shu Uemura’s Depsea Hydrability Moisture Program, and would happily take all the four full-sized products for a spin, the serum being my first choice. Amazing stuff, that Depsea Hydrability Intense Moisturising Concentrate, seriously you guys. I highly recommend you try it.

Thank you, cousin, for such an amazing gift!

shu uemura depsea hydrability moisture program

Fit Friday: Enjoying the Process.

fit friday enjoying the process

I try, and mostly succeed at, not writing about things that I either know little about, or know a lot about, but never practise. Practise what you preach is one of the greatest guidelines to life.

That’s the main reason I haven’t been writing any fitness and wellness posts on this blog. For the longest while I’ve been the greatest theorist on the subject. Ask me a question – I would more than likely know the answer. But when it came to putting it all to practice and having results to prove the theories, I failed.

Right now I’m still at a starting point with my fitness routine. My brother and my sporty friend laugh at me and troll me here and there, but it’s all good, since it only works as additional motivation. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve a longer way to go. What’s important, though, is that these days I’m enjoying the process.

It’s still daunting. I still want quick and permanent results with minimum effort. I still get angry with myself when I can’t do a proper push-up or run more than one block at a time. I still consider chocolate chip cookies the greatest work-out reward known to man.

But I’m seeing progress, and I’m enjoying it these days.

And enjoyment of something leads to a psychological shift and better choices.

Like not rewarding yourself with chocolate chip cookies or not trying to outrun myself if I feel that my ankle is getting all weird.

Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Day/ Night Cream for Oily Skin

oriflame optimals cream

Full title: Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Day/ Night Cream for Oily Skin

Brand: Oriflame

Claim to fame: Deep hydration and rejuvenation with a mattifying effect.

Cruelty-free? Used to be, but lately the cruelty-free claim seems to be absent from the back of local catalogues. Sadface.

Select Ingredients: Lingonberry, the Swedish super-antioxidant fruit. (Well, berry.) Specially formulated in this case, with 50% berry extract and 50% leaf extract, which is said to give triple the antioxidant effect.


The scent of this is pleasant. At first I thought it a bit harsh, but it grew on me. To my nose there’s a slight difference between day and night scents. I feel like it has a citrusy undertone, but one thing I’ll never be is a sommelier and a perfumer – my nose is shit at discerning anything that’s not gasoline, propane, or cat piss.


The entire Oriflame Optimals facial creams series comes in glass jars. They’re sturdy, with a wider bottom, and plastic caps. The glass feels almost luxurious in your hands, and at first I really liked them. But then the combination of their heaviness, the cream-covered hands, and my glass bathroom shelf started to worry me. Seriously, this thing feels heavy. I think if I dropped it, it’d leave a crack in the sink.

But either way, I shall remain the proponent of this packaging, because glass doesn’t come into a reaction with the jar’s contents — something I’m never too sure about when it comes to plastic packaging.

Another thing about the way these creams are packaged: I loved the leaf design on the boxes. I even saved it for photographs, as you can see below, and considered just keeping them as part of my general pile of paper ephemera. I dunno man, it just speaks to me.

oriflame optimals for oily skin

Also, the writing comes on stickers, but they are thin and surprisingly good quality. Usually I rip the stickers off because I get this tic where I absolutely have to pick at it. These were so even, though, they remained untouched.


So far I’ve used up two jars of day cream (light green) and one jar of night cream (darker green). It’s odd, because night cream was more to my liking. Day cream claims to be mattifying (haven’t noticed), and as a result of that it has just the slightest amount of residue that you can feel on your skin quite a while after the application. The night cream is also more hydrating (d’oh) and left my skin feeling more even.

oriflame optimals oxygen boosting

Aside from a little bit of residue that I felt after applying day cream, these two absorb quickly, and leave the skin smooth and plump. When I worked from home, day cream provided enough hydration. However, when I started working in the office, it proved to be less effective in battling the effects of air conditioners and electrified dust.

Both creams leave skin a bit tingly after application, especially if you use a harsher toner, but I actually kinda came to like the tingles. No rash, redness, or any adverse reaction – just a slight tingly feeling, that made me go a bit like, yeah the thing’s working.

These particular two creams are formulated for oily skin of all ages. As far as moisturisers go, this one is okay. Expect no magic from it, though it’s better than many others in its price range.

oriflame optimals

tl;dr/ Would I repurchase? On the fence. Currently trying other options, but I might go back to it, because I know that it will not fail me for basic daily use. No breakouts, no reactions, happy with its scent, nicely packaged, overall satisfactory.