On the Illusion of Scarcity.

One of the things I want to deal with this year is the illusion of scarcity that I have somehow instilled in my mind.

I’m not made of money, but I’m not poor either. True, I’ve been better off financially, but I’ve been much worse. And it is perhaps that ‘worse’ that I’m clinging to, that doesn’t let me go.

skin care

But if I really had little, would I ‘challenge’ myself to #100empties? Would I get rid of a tonne of products I never got around to using? Would I own six domain names? Would I have a library full of books?


A ball of scarves?

nail polishes

A drawer of nail polishes?


A vanity full of jewellery and cosmetics?

I’ve got enough soap to last me a decade, and enough books to last me two lifetimes – ten lifetimes if I include the electronic ones, and they should very well be counted. I don’t need to look up another film in at least a year, and I don’t need to shop for food for a month. I’m not sure I’ll ever go through all the lipsticks that I own, and half of my clothes would probably be destroyed by dust, mould, and moth before I get to wearing them all at least five times.

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Golden Rose Selective Nail Lacquer in 75

golden rose selective 75

I fell in love with this nail polish the second I saw it. It’s this slightly greenish grey shade that I love.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the formula and durability of Golden Rose polishes, and this line — Selective — is thankfully not an exception. It went on smoothly and held well. No chipping at all, just gradual rub off of colour.

I’m really curious about other shades in the collection and might give them a try, but I’ve so many unopened polishes, I really shouldn’t buy any new ones any time soon.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

It has occurred to me that I have never posted about this MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation. Pictured here is an NC15.

mac front

One of these days I will have consistent product photography.

mac back

I have to show you the back too, because obviously no one’s ever seen a MAC powder before.

What I loved about it:

Coverage. Coverage is amazing. When applied with a sponge it’s total full coverage, and honestly, at times I would skip the concealer, and it would do the job. Recently I started applying it with a brush, and the coverage is still good, though not as intense as when applied with a sponge.

mac sponge

Staying Power. I’d need to touch up my make-up in the T-zone in two-four hours, depending on how my skin’d be doing on that particular day, but cheeks, jaw line, and most of forehead would stay covered for 6-8 hours.

Scent. Rather, lack of it.

Longevity. I’d say for regular every day use it would’ve lasted me for about 6 months. The way I used it, it lasted about a year.

What was so-so:

Used without a primer or a good buffing technique, this thing accentuates pores remarkably.

Not so much a product itself as the shade selection fail – I’ve come to realise that I’m not an NC, but NW.

mac powder

I have this odd feeling that it might be… Not breaking me out exactly, but not doing many favours to my skin either.

Would I repurchase?

A hypothetical yes. MAC is not available in these dreary lands, so I’d need to rely on friends and relatives to bring it to me. I’d also go for the lightest NW, instead of NC15, as pictured here.

In 2016, I Resolve to…


My resolution for the past couple of years was not to have any. This year I decided to change that.

1. Leave voicemails

I read an article some time ago, about readers being the best people to fall in love with. (Aw.) Here’s a quote:

Readers, like voicemail leavers and card writers, are now a dying breed, their numbers decreasing with every GIF list and online tabloid.

The moment I read it, I realised how true it was. It made me a bit sad. I resolved to leave a voicemail every time I’m taken to one, even though the practise sounds terrifying. I’m bad with phones, and voicemail is even worse, because your mumbling will be recorded. Preserved for eternity.

Anyway, I’ve already started this one, so I hope to continue.

2. Sort Photoalbums

Doubtful I’d be printing out many photos – if any at all – but I want to organise the photos I already have into neat albums. There’s plenty. Some of them are rather recent, others are decades old. Either way, I want them all to be in one place, easy to look through.

3. Remember Simple Enjoyments

I want to go back to roots, so to say, in terms of things that bring me pleasure. I’ve never been a complicated person in that department anyway. In 2015 I barely did things that I enjoy doing, like watching movies, blogging, reading, playing with makeup, and taking photos. I need to find time for that in 2016.