Lip Monthly February ’15.

lip monthly february

Let’s skip the part where I lament how late I am with these (there’s a reason for it this time around) and get to the products.

lip monthly bomb shell

be a … bombshell Lipgloss in hooked

The coverage is amazing. It’s more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss, really, except that it’s glossy and doesn’t last very long. Loved the colour. I can’t think of a single occasion where this one would be out of place, at least with my colouring. I find myself quite … hooked. *ba-dam tss*

lip monthly cargo eye shadow

Cargo Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Green Bay

A lovely, lovely metallic eye shadow. The camera picked up more gold tones, but it’s more of a warmer light green with gold undertones, if that makes sense. For some reason I haven’t really worn it since swatching and trying it out once, so I can’t properly comment on longevity. The pigmentation is good, and the application felt smooth enough. I also love the packaging.

lip monthly lip dome

So Susan Lip Dome Plumping Lip Tint in black currant

Mmm, lip crayons. I’m obsessed with these and want to own them in abominable quantities. This is a wine-coloured balm-like crayon. It feels good on the lips, and the stay power is pretty decent. Not drying. A touch on the sheer side, but gives enough colour as it is and can be layered a bit. Retractable. Cruelty-free.

lm february super model stain

So Susan jelly pong pong Supermodel Stain lip & cheek pomade

Let me just say how cute the thing is. I love these tiny palettes. The brush is safe to discard as it’s low-quality. The colours are sheer and are more of a tint. I haven’t tried them on the cheeks, because cream products and my face don’t get along. I’m in love with every single colour, but my product has dried a little bit. It still works, though, and it’s a great everyday palette. Small enough to carry around with you. It’s not drying, but it’s not moisturising either, so it’s best to use a tiny bit of a sheer balm under. Cruelty-fee.

lip monthly feb swatches

Eye shadow, lip dome, and lip gloss swatched. See how the lip gloss (above) is less sheer than the lip crayon? Amazeballz. The shadow is a touch layered in the intersection, which immediately improves the colour payoff, but since it’s so light and bright, I see no problem with one layer either. Looks great with my brown eyes.

This has been one of the best Lip Monthly boxes for me. Every colour worked, and every product was quality. I wish this trend stuck, but alackaday and fuck my luck.

I’ll be writing about the March one next.

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On Slowing Down.

tea and lokum


Much as I’d love this to be a post on mindfulness and patience, it isn’t. I’m Type A. I do everything very fast and whilst doing it I’m very precise. There are, however, some things that I want to start doing slower.

1. Drinking and eating. I will let my tea cool down on its own instead of sticking it into the fridge or throwing an ice cube in. I will take two long breaks at work, instead four short, so that I could eat my food properly and then go for a walk round the block.

2. Reading. I will not read diagonally. I will not start books back to back, ideally taking a 24 hour break between them.

3. Feeding cats. Morning feed might still be rushed, but the evening one will be slow.

4. Commute. I will leave 5 minutes early so that I wouldn’t feel the need to rush to the station. I don’t need to rush to the station even if I don’t change the time, but just to feel on the safe side. I might also start walking home if the weather permits.

5. Talking to friends and family. I will talk to them, and do nothing else.

6. Separating enjoyments. None of the eating and reading or eating and watching a film type of stuff. It’s one or the other.

7. Dressing and putting on make-up. I want to take time each week picking out a wardrobe, and spend a little more time paintin’ my face.