Today’s Scent: Escada Especially.

escada especially (2)

(Just a bit of a heads up: I’m not a ‘nose’, nor even a domestic fragrance connoisseur. I know buggre alle how to talk about scents, and can’t even use them most days because of my headache spells. I just love how pretty they are on my vanity.)

At random, my father gave me a bottle of Escada Especially about a month ago. Couldn’t even try it for the first few days, because I was felling headachey. Those who suffer from migraines and trigeminal neuralgia will understand that trying out new perfumes — or wearing old, for that matter — when there’s even the slightest chance of a headache is no go. There’s always a probability of ‘pain association’ developing even with the nicest and most favourite of scents.

escada especially (3)

So my father kept asking, and I kept saying that I haven’t tried it yet. Then I opened the box, and got a tentative whiff without even spraying, and put the box away, and decided that I’m just going to call my father and say how I love it, but then never, ever, ever wear it, and maybe spritz a bit of it in the kitchen before his visits or something.

Then I decided to at least give it a proper chance.

I sprayed it on my wrists and on the back of my neck. Then I closed my eyes.

escada especially (4)

Olfactory triggers are one of the deepest one, as far as memory goes.

This one transported me right back into childhood. I could clearly see being picked up by my mother in my bedroom in our old flat. I could see spring outside the window and sunlight patterns on the carpet and myself in the mirror trying to plait my hair for the very first time tying it up with clumsy blue and pink polka dot bows. I could hear grandmother calling after my very first pair of kittens.

I never wanted to stop smelling my wrists ever again in hopes that it would just keep me enveloped in that perfect childhood memory forever.

escada especially (5)

I wish I could end this post by saying that I’ve worn this perfume ever since all day, every day, and even to bed, but that would be a lie. There’s something in it (its aquatic notes, I think) that are too much for me on most days, and I have to be really careful with my headache predictions to be able to wear this one. But I enjoy it. Love, it even. It paints that golden-lit perfect childhood afternoon in my head with such precision, it’s almost scary.

I gave my father a reserved ‘thank you’ and a promise to wear the scent. I’m kinda pants at expressing genuine gratitude.

escada especially (6)

Sample Thoughts: Givenchy Le Soin Noir.

givenchy le soin noir

This cream has a gel-like texture, but applies buttery. It’s black/ very dark grey, with small black particles and what looks like very fine glitter. The black isn’t visible on the skin while applied, but it does leave just a touch of a… tinted greyish veil over your face to be noticeable. So I used both of my samples at night.

It’s both very light and very nourishing. Takes its jolly time to absorb. Also, it’s perfumed up the wazoo. I cannot imagine using this during my headache spells. It would slay me.

Obviously I cannot judge the packaging from my tiny magazine sample, but the photograph on Sephora looks exquisite. It better, because the darn thing costs nearly $400 US! (And it’s out of stock?!) That’s about as much as I make a month, so I think the magazine sample is as close an acquaintance as I can ever hope to have with this cream.

But would I actually buy it for this price after having used the two samples? Not sure. Perhaps over time it gives a noticeable effect that’s worth spending $400 for, but the 10 ml I had in my possession could not provide me with accurate basis for such judgement.

(This is not a sponsored post. It does not contain affiliate links.)

FOTD #2: Bold lips, muted lids.

face of the day 2

Products used:

  • Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10
  • Powder: IsaDora Perfect Loose Powder
  • Highlighter: Giordani Gold Opulent Night Pearls 27115
  • Concealer: Artdeco Mineral Fluid Concealer in 04
  • Eye shadow Primer: Artdeco Pure Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow Base Sensitive
  • Eye Shadow: AVON True Colour in Lace Hues
  • Brows: Relouis Eye Pencil in 02
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Colour in Garnet 750
  • Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared Mascara

I’ve had this lipstick since ever. It’s expired by now, so I think I’m going to let it go during my next monthly clean-out. Or perhaps just place it in a separate compartment where I keep all my nostalgic purchases. It’s a good lipstick, but for it to work your lips need to be in very good condition. It will highlight every flake and every dry patch, and while the balm on top will soothe and smooth, it will not really affect the visual. For some reason I was under the impression that this product was discontinued, but it’s still available. As long as you don’t attack oily foods with abandon, it will last you for about 6 hours no problem, all while eating, drinking, talking, etc. with the lightest amount of caution. Word of warning, though — there’s no touching up this lipstick, only a complete reapplication.

The muted pink and blue in this quad are gorgeous, aren’t they? I love these colours so much. I went on a bit of a binge a few years ago and bought… six AVON eye shadow quads? They have since then rebranded the line and made the insides square, which diminished their obvious visual likeness to CHANEL. While I really like many of the colours — why would I buy them otherwise? — I am not at all impressed with the quality. The mattes are chalky, not easy to blend, nearly every single shadow is poorly pigmented, and all of them have excessive amounts of fall-out. Don’t expect them to last more than three hours without a primer either. With primer, they usually last about five, but begin to show signs of wear a bit earlier. Perhaps with the visual update came an update of the formula? I might want to find out a bit later, but for now I’ll be exploring other brands.

Something is to be said about using grey as eyebrow definer instead of brown. Brown can be very hard to match to your natural colouring. It’s either too red, or too coppery, or too dark, or too light. Most of the time it’s visible, especially in photographs. While grey is a true neutral colour. It’s non-colour, so defining your brows with grey works really well. There are only that many things to worry with grey — the desired lightness/ darkness and – a must – a matte finish. The aforementioned Artdeco make a great little grey eyeshadow that I really enjoyed using not only for its determined purpose, but also for brows and for slight contouring, especially of my rather prominent nose. I smashed the poor darling beyond all repair not long ago. It’s on my list of repurchases. I’ll be sure to write a review and swatch it once it’s done.

Try using grey for your brows, I’m pretty sure it’ll work.

The Wardrobe Malfunction.

If you’re the joyful individual who came to this post in the odd hope of bare nipples and sneaky panty shots, you can leave now, because that’s not what I meant.

I do have a wardrobe malfunction, but it’s the entirety of it that’s not functioning. It’s not working for me. At all.

I’ll spare you the agonising story of how it came to be, and will instead unfurl my plan of action for combatting it.

Now this is a huge post. You’ve been warned.

Colours and Prints

colours and prints

One dark, one neutral, one bright, and one print: Black, grey, gingham/ plaid, and mustard yellow.


Small — 250 in local currency. I don’t spend it every month, and intend to accumulate. Still, it’s a small sum as a pair of tights I bought recently cost 110. I may have to increase it eventually, seeing as I have a full wardrobe to build.


While I can’t fully stand behind Carrie Bradshaw’s famous line about money, I do love a big closet. More even, I love a big closet that works. My current focus is on the following basic items, and only one item in each colour.

  • Trousers – already have black and grey
  • Long sleeve shirts – black, grey, colour
  • Short sleeve shirts – black, grey, colour
  • T-shirts – the idea of a plaid t-shirt terrifies me, so it’ll be grey, colour, and an additional black
  • Maxi skirts – need a grey one, a print, and a colour one
  • Pencil skirts – grey, print, and colour
  • Dresses – grey, mustard, and print
  • Cardigans – all four kinds
  • Turtlenecks (silence, I love them) – black, mustard, and one more black
  • Pullovers – all four kinds
  • Blazers – black, grey, and colour
  • Tights – grey, colour, and I am not sure how I feel about plaid tights, so another pair of grey or black

For shoes, I’ll be substituting plaid/ gingham with nude. Also, if you think of it, that’d be a powerful lot of ’em shoes, if I end up buying every pair, so I might just focus on the black and nude. And grey, because I love grey. Grey grey grey.

  • Flats, casual – colour and grey
  • Flats, dressy – all colours
  • Classic pumps – grey, nude, colour
  • Sandals, flat – all colours. My black ones are old and dingy, and will more than likely need a replacement come May
  • Sandals, platform/ wedges – grey, black, colour
  • Hiiigh/ dressy heels – all four kinds
  • Flat boots – all four kinds
  • Heeled boots – grey and colour, don’t care much for nude boots
  • Winter boots – all four kinds. My black ones are on their last leg, no pun intended at all, because that’d be a gruesome pun, – so I’ll need new ones for next season.

For accessories, I need to take good stock of all the scarves and hats I already have. There’s a lot of them, of all colours and shapes, but I do believe I’m missing the grey ones.

  • Purses – colour and nude
  • Leather gloves – black, grey, colour. Going to skip print for these ones.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of sun glasses and regular frames. I only have one pair of glasses that I’ve worn for ages now. They need to retire to back-up. I also have only one pair of sunnies.

My priority lies with trousers, maxi skirts, shirts, cardigans, tights, t-shirts, and some footwear. And then there are categories that are a bit of a deviation, like wellies, jeans, and underthings. I only need one pair of wellies, and I’ll probably go for black ones. Oddly enough, I don’t like black jeans, so I’m going to look for navy/ dark blue, light wash, and charcoal grey for that. Underwear I like to keep black, with an occasional beige/ nude for the off occasion when I’d need to wear white or very light fabrics.

Currently I only exercise at home, so I don’t need any fancy wear for that. Then there’s the matter of accessories, coats/ outerwear, and hats/ scarves/ gloves. I will stick to the same colours in here, but I am not quite sure I need four bloody coats and four ruddy trench coats.

Now, this is a huge list, and it’s going to take me a while to fill in all the slots – and maybe somewhere in the middle of it all I’ll decide that I don’t need a pair of gingham trousers after all — but honestly, that’s what I’m counting on, all the time it’ll take me. I want my purchases to be deliberate and premeditated.

Cuts and Styles

I like loose cuts and straight lines, and I also like bodycon, so it’s hard for me to say what I’ll go for. It will probably fall somewhere in the middle at first. I’m going to play it safe with the basics – that’s what the basics are for, anyway – and then see where to go from there.

Though my day job is corporate, we don’t have a dress code. I could come in all studded and mohawked, and no one would care. (Beside the kitchen gossippers.) I’m a goth in recovery (you never fully recover, by the way), so that will be an influence.


For shirts, tights, underthings, and footwear I will predominantly stick to local brands. Everything else I’ll probably raid second hand shops for.


… will probably be well-documented on my Pinterest boards. I would very much welcome it if you followed me there.

Timeline and Updates

As I’ve said, it’s going to take me a bit of time to “complete” this thing. I’ll post regular updates every two-three months.

Ironically, my next post on the subject will be about wardrobe clear-out. It currently looks very messy, but in a week or so it will look very spare.

Terrifying, but I’m counting on it.