Links #3.

elizabeth james fall 2015

Busy (ugh) week, little internet time. Here’s what caught my attention this week:

Hayley of LBQ wrote about buying fake followers. It’s a long post worth reading, but the bottom line is, don’t do it.

Why some people get promoted (and others don’t).

5 beauty risks to take this year.

How often should you wash your bra?

While the healthy colour of a healthy tooth enamel is actually a little on the yellow side, it still doesn’t hurt to whiten them from time to time. Here are 7 foods that aid the teeth whitening process, naturally.

16 quotes to make you feel amazing.

20 best beauty hacks you’ll ever need. I’ve been employing some of these for a while, but others are a complete surprise. Can’t want to try them!

Do you believe in magic? Even if you don’t, New Moon is a Serious Thing. Every time a new moon rolls around, I take time to sit down and set intentions for the month, along with some more practical planning. It helps. It really does.

Weekly Treat: a proper hot chocolate.

Whether your austerity is artificial or dictated by circumstance, it is necessary to set aside even as little as £1 a week to give yourself a little treat, lest you grow bitter or end up binging. I try to set aside approximately £2 for frivolous things. Living in a low wage country means that these £2 can get me several fun things. I usually indulge in one, and then accumulate the rest towards either savings or forthcoming treats.

hot choc

This week’s treat is a mug of proper hot chocolate. Mmm. I already had milk, cocoa, and sweetener, so all that was needed were some marshmallows and a candy cane.

I sat down with the last of the Christmas cookies and my notebooks to clear my head and plan. Setting time aside to journal is a treat of its own, and combined with overindulgent dessert it was something else entirely.

hot chocolate and journalling

Taking multiple pictures of essentially the same subject for a single post isn’t my usual MO, but man, I couldn’t resist.

hot chocolate and cookies

I mean, just look at the thing!

hot choc close-up

Look at it.

On a related note, marshmallows have become an obsession all on their own. This is my fourth brand. Can’t decide which one I like more. Might just have to buy them all for a thorough comparison~

Nail File #1: AVON, Elanor.

avon rebel rose

AVON Speed Dry+ nail enamel in rebel rose

I kept raving about this nail polish on my old blog, and I’ll continue to do so here. The brush is perhaps nothing special, but it works well. It’s large, not too flat — a generic brush with improvements, I’d say. The formula is amazing – it applies like a dream, and for a quick job on short nails even one coat is sufficient. Despite its bright colour, which is great, it doesn’t stain, so if you’re in a real hurry, you can forgo the base coat. It compliments my skin tone, too. Dries in seconds — at the very least, your nails will be completely dry in under five minutes. The only problem with it, besides this particular colour being discontinued a few years ago? It chips fast. This is my second day hand, and as you can see it’s chipped on at least three fingers. Two days is actually a long time for this polish. Usually it shows serious signs of wear in under 24 hours.

elanor 572

Elanor nail enamel in 572

This brand of polishes is displayed in huge boxes at the local Grand Bazaar. It’s cheap — in currency equivalent, it’s way under £1. I’ve had it for a while now. It was one of the first grey shades to appear on the market around here. Considering its age, it performed well. The brush is generic, but works without trouble. The formula is a little on the runny side – two coats here, and it can definitely benefit from a third one. It doesn’t so much streak, as it … pools, I guess, perhaps due to its thinness. The drying time is OK — not fast, but not outrageously long either. I painted my nails about an hour or two before bed, and got minimal duvet prints. It did bunch up a bit on the edges of my thumb nails, though.

The picture shows fourth day of wear, and as you can see it lasted. This polish doesn’t so much chip as it gradually rubs off. I think if I hadn’t started rigorously cleaning the kitchen, it would’ve stayed at least one more day.

Links #2.


What to own before you turn 30, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

22 best movies of 2014, according to Huffington Post. How many have you seen?

And while we’re on the subject of film, here are Harper Bazaar’s Oscar predictions.

… And while I’m still browsing Harper’s Bazaar, here is their 100 most stylish of 2014 list.

Ten beauty resolutions that will have you looking fab all year long. I really need to step up the #8.

6 daily habits for success.

12 under-$20 drugstore beauty buys.

9 easy ways to rewamp your wardrobe.

Hayley shares her photography kit.

Laura’s thoughts about blogging.

Shauna shares her office tour, and it’s lovely.

Carola’s blog, Vienna Wedekind, is a recent discovery for me, so the post sharing her favourite 2014 moments came very handy.

Louise shared her wardrobe want list for 2015. What I like about it is that it’s not just a list of items from shops, but more of a personal style guide for her. I think it’s a pretty smart way of compiling a wish list, and want to write mine like that.

Lip Monthly: November ’14.

lip monthly november 14

Lip Monthly usually ships faster, but living outside their usual zones of delivery coupled with busy winter holiday times meant that I received my November bag only recently, during the last days of December.

As usual, Lip Monthly shipped in a make-up bag. They come up with a new design every month, and I really like this month’s. They became a staple work make-up bag for me, as they’re pretty durable, and don’t get beaten up in my rucksack, where I tend to shove a bag of groceries and some catfood on my way home.

Let’s look at the contents!

lip monthly lipsticks mousse

First up are Hikari Lipstick in cabernetNYC Expert Last Lipstick in 443 Purple Crush, and City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse.

I’m wearing Hikari as I’m writing this post, and so far I really like it. It’s long lasting (lasted me through a portion of spaghetti, a glass of juice, and two cups of tea, as well as a lot of talking), and while I can’t call it moisturising, it’s not drying either. I’m currently going through a spell of annoying dry lips, and it didn’t make them feel any more uncomfortable than they already are. Also, despite their flakiness, the lipstick applied well, and the colour looked very smooth. The finish is somewhere between matte and satin.

I haven’t tried the NYC lipstick yet, but it looks like it’s got a bit of a frost in it. Not particularly a bad thing, but if it’s eaten easily, it might end up looking a touch too messy during the day. But as I said, I haven’t tried it yet, so no verdicts.

The City Color Cosmetics shadow/ highlighter I found impressive. Once I read that it was a mousse (ergo, a cream) shadow, I literally groaned, because cream shadows don’t last on my eyelids at all. I’ve got several that don’t even manage to stay long enough for me to finish the rest of my makeup. However, this seems considerably more long-lasting. Once you apply it on the lid, you’ve got a short amount of time to blend it how you want it, because after about 30 seconds it doesn’t seem to budge. The colour is gorgeous, but it’s also quite festive, so I don’t think I’ll be using this as an everyday look.

lip monthly brush and pencil

Next up are Ofra Lipliner in Silk and Crown Lip Brush. I haven’t tried the brush yet, but you can never have too many brushes! I’m short on the lip ones, too. The handle is a smooth matte black, and it almost feels like an artist’s brush, rather than a makeup one.

lip monthly pencil


The Ofra lip pencil works great with my VeryMe lip gloss. I line my lips, then fill them in, and after that apply a layer of gloss. They look great together, and are perfect for day wear. I’m also happy that this is a pencil that requires a sharpener. For some reason I’m so nostalgic for them lately. They feel much better than the mechanic ones, and also allow for a more precise application.

lip monthly brush

You can subscribe to Lip Monthly here. Use the code “HOLIDAY299” to get your first bag for only $2.99 on 4 Month Subscriptions. Lip Monthly ships internationally! I can’t say that their service is perfect, but so far I’ve been pleased with their selections, and eagerly await my next bag. No plans to cancel the subscription.

(Above post contains affiliate link. Subscription paid for with my own money.)